Comodo ONE Mobile lets you respond to
customers requests in real time

Comodo One Mobile allows you to view, create, track and update service tickets directly from your mobile device so you can respond to customers in real time. The Comodo One Mobile app is available for both iOS and Android devices, which ever you prefer. Get notified as soon as tickets are opened, closed or modified. Comodo One Mobile provides a host of useful functions right at your fingertips.

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Mobility Saves the Day

Be more responsive. Comodo ONE Mobile allows service desk managers and technicians to use their Smartphones or tablets to respond to service requests anywhere, anytime.

Save time. From your mobile device, you can view service desk tickets assigned to you and team members and create and update tickets in real time.

Be resourceful. Use your Smartphone to dial back customers directly, or take a picture of a serial number or product, or to get GPS driving directions to your customer's site.

Comodo One Mobile App

  • Track customer requests when you are traveling
  • Create new tickets as soon as issues arise
  • Edit ticket information to keep everyone in sync
  • View open, assigned, overdue and unassigned tickets
  • Receive ticket updates and alerts on your mobile device

Comodo ONE Mobile