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RMM Open Source, Free, What's the Catch?October 31, 2017

RMM Open Source


Congratulations to your newly opened business!

You might be a Lawyer, A Hardware Store owner or a Doctor. Nowadays, no matter what your core business is, there's no denying that technology plays an important role in your daily operations. And as we grow more dependent on modern technologies, system failures are starting to directly impact our ability to do business.

Imagine a server crashes at your office or your entire network fails. The first step will likely include a phone call to a tech support line where you'll troubleshoot a few things to try and determine the cause of the problem. If that was unsuccessful, you'll need to get a technician to come on site and try to fix things. While you're waiting, your business suffers. You can't check your inventory, retrieve that data of your client, or even access patient records.

While you're thinking of technology as being secondary to your business needs, the reality is that without it, many companies would find themselves at a complete standstill. As we all know, time is money. Introducing the technology called RMM.

RMM is an endpoint and network monitoring software or remote management application software that allows Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to monitor and manage endpoints, computers, mobile devices, and networks remotely from a centralized console.

It's where technical experts can quickly resolve your System's Network Failure, in many cases before you're even aware that there was a problem at all.

Imagine the electricity in your home when the lights go out. Do you want to be stuck on hold with the power company waiting to find out when the next electrician is available? Wouldn't it be better if the power company could take action and restore it remotely before you even call them. That's basically how RMM works. Maybe right now, you're thinking that this is going to be expensive. What if it's an open source or free? And if it's free, what's the catch?

Do you know what open source is?

Basically, it means that the recipe, of any given work is shared and free for anybody to use. Open source software allows anyone to change and make improvements to the program. This is a great way to get all the bugs worked out without the programmer having to do all the work. Plus, it lets other minds in on the project with different insights, abilities, and views. This is how free web browsers and programs like Firefox, WordPress, OpenOffice, VLC Player, Notepad and many others gained their fame and popularity.

But you still wonder why companies give this good stuff for free. Well, it is one of the best ways of advertising and promotions you can take advantage of. Imagine, if you are trying to get people to use your products, you could try to sell them, but people naturally resist things being sold to. However, everyone is looking for "something for nothing" and there's no problem giving away remote monitoring and management applications or anything else for that matter.

Should you choose Opensource RMM Programs?

Why not, its free. it's not going to cost you anything at all. With free software, you can install the programs on as many machines as you like. There are no licensing fees and no "demo" programs (which may only contain enough functions to frustrate the user). However, that's only one reason to choose open source RMM software.

Here are the following:

Better Security

Since This is a free program and it belongs to everyone, you might think it is vulnerable to malicious codes. Well, it is the opposite. There's a lot of programmers in which a wide range of vulnerabilities can be explored and discovered and this can make the program secure against most attacks.


Isn't it ironic that you can do very limited things with a costly copyrighted software?. With an Open Source, if it doesn't have all the features you want, you only have two choices. You can learn to live with it or find another program. When you have a reputable open source application you can customize it to your specific situation. This includes adding attractive features or removing things you do not need or want.

There's no need to be an Expert.

Yes, it is for experienced programmers but also for beginners. You just need a copy and then install it.

It Offers a Learning Opportunity.

A tool for both teaching and learning all about programming. You not only get to see how codes are written, you have the chance to learn about mistakes and how to avoid them.


Many open source RMM programs have been around for some time and people have had years to study, tweak, and make changes. You may find some of the most stable software programs when you use public access applications, and you can depend on your program to have periodic updates and fixes.


Software compatibility issues and can be very frustrating. Many public access software programs are designed to work with other programs. Opensource RMM program writers are not interested in keeping others out. Just the opposite, they want as many people as possible to participate in the process.

Now, Here's The Catch. Yes, Companies Must Make Profits.

It's true, no one can stay in business very long by giving away everything, and the same is true with Comodo.

This is where you may want to consider some extras such as: Advanced endpoint protection, VirusScope, Zero Day attack prevention and much more.

But still, with COMODO Open Source RMM there's "no obligation". There's no need to buy anything if you don't want to.

RMM Open Source

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