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5 RMM Management Tools You Can't Afford to be Without

What kind of rmm management tools does your msp enterprise use? Do you employ one program capable of handling everything? Perhaps you have a special remote monitoring and management program and you have installed a separate program to take care of quotes, network assessments and mobile devices. Thanks to Comodo One, you can get these features in the form of add-on modules to simplify rmm for you and your clients. Let's take a closer look at these rmm management tools to see what they are all about.

Less Downtime

Everyone is concerned about uptime and downtime and rightfully so. After all, there is no way you can make money while machines are not in operation or the system is not working right. RMM IT programs can help you by scheduling routine maintenance tasks, so you can be assured everything is finished on time.

When a machine is not running properly, your RMM IT program will notice. This software continually scans the network looking for things which are "out of the ordinary". In fact, you have the power to set the parameters of what it searches for. As soon as something is not right, you can be informed and this helps you take care of the problem before it gets worse.

So often, many companies see RMM IT programs as a valuable tool for taking care of only the client. However, they can also be a part of your maintenance tools, because of their scanning abilities and varied functions. These programs are there to assist clients with their maintenance issues and if your company also covers issues like maintenance, the software can be invaluable.

Quote Manager

How do you take care of service quotes? Does the customer have to contact one of your people and if this person is busy, wait for a response? This is how many service quotes were taken care of not long ago. However, this method is time consuming and can frustrate the customer.

Comodo One rmm tools management includes Quote Manager, and the process is greatly simplified. Customers enjoy an easy to use online interface to request a quote. From there they can view the information and also inform you if they want or do not want the service. Quote Manager can also provide sales funnel reports.

The dashboard can easily be customized for your business, to give you a more professional appearance. Also, to simplify invoicing, you may use your QuickBooks program.

Network Assessment

Network monitoring is one of the most important RMM Management Tools for most msp companies today. In fact, many clients opt for "monitoring only" services to save money. However, thanks to the Network Assessment Module, you can offer enhanced monitoring and it doesn't cost you a thing extra. This gives you very important rmm management tools for growing your business and possibly a leg up on the competition.

Help Clients with Risk Management

The risk assessment feature lets you provide extensive reports on network management as well as risk factors. This lets the client take a proactive approach to rmm management and avoid many problems down the road. For instance, they receive a score of their total risks along with advice on the best course of action to lower these risks. This report covers 18 separate issues which make a client more vulnerable.

You can offer network risk assessment and rmm management to your clients and they will not feel like they are being watched, because there is no need to install agent software. Your reports can be personalized with your company name so the client has no idea you are using templates. And one of the best features is the price. It comes with Comodo One and costs nothing to install and use as long as you like.

An Extension of Your Business

It can be very difficult for the small or mid-sized msp to provide 24 hour service and support for all their systems and networks. In fact, it is very expensive to pay people for round-the-clock services. Thanks to modern RMM IT programs, your networks are watched over 24 hours each day and whenever a problem develops you are notified in real-time. This adds a great deal of value to your services and because some of these programs are free of charge, RMM IT is something most businesses cannot afford to be without. Call us at (973) 859 4000 ext 3025 for a live demonstration or visit for more info today.

Watch Network

With this rmm management add-on module, you now can give your clients more effective network monitoring services. This allows complete monitoring everywhere within the network. Here are some of the good things you will receive:

  • Full packet capture - right after an attack, detailed analysis is performed to give you an excellent snapshot of what went on and why.
  • Automatic reports - no need for making queries or special rules
  • Protocol inspection
  • Packet processing
  • No strain on the system - works out of band so there is no impact felt on the production network.

Comodo One Mobile

Any good rmm management tool should have a mobile app and this is the reason Comodo One developed their own app. You can't always be in the office and it's important to have access to important information at all times. Comodo One Mobile is designed for the msp professional to take care of service tickets from his or her smart phone. It works with either Apple or Android operating systems and lets you deal with tickets in real time. You can be notified when tickets are created, modified, or closed. This app is available from Google Play or the App Store.


The best rmm management strategies may let you down unless you have the most reliable way to backup data. When you choose to add Acronis to your Comodo One platform you have one of the most powerful backup systems at your disposal. Because Acronis is in the cloud, you won't have to buy additional hardware or equipment. There is no need to pay for a storage facility outside the premises. Thanks to cloud technology, all of your vital data is kept safe and secure and whenever you need access, it is there for you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Cloud backup is invulnerable to problems associated with onsite storage and it is one of the easiest and most cost effective risk management strategies. Visit us at for more details today.

Android Device Remote Access

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