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Many users do not utilize the power of remote access to computer Windows 7. In this article, we will discover the benefits of doing remote access to computer Windows 7. But first, let us define what remote access is.

Remote Access

In broad terms, remote access may refer to two separate but related purposes for accessing a computer system from a remote location. The first refers to users being able to access data or resources from outside of a central work location.

The second type of remote access you may be familiar with is often used by technical support groups, which can use remote access to connect to a user's PC from a remote location in order to help them resolve some issues with their system or in the software.

Remote Access for Work In this type of remote access solution, the employee uses dial-up technologies to allow others to connect to an office network via telephone networks connecting to remote access servers. Virtual Private Network (VPN) has now replaced this traditional physical connection between the remote client and the server by creating a secure tunnel over a public network.

VPN is the technology for securely connecting two private networks. It generally refer to individual employee as clients, which connect to the corporate network, that is referred to as the host network.

Remote access solutions may also enable users to control the host computer over the internet from any location. This is often observed in remote access to computer Windows 7.

Best Remote Access to Windows 7

Remote Desktop Access

Remote access enables the host computer, which is the local computer that will be accessing and viewing the desktop of the remote, or target, computer. The host computer may see and interact with the target computer through the target computer's actual desktop interface. This will allow the host user to see exactly what the target user sees. This feature is very useful for technical support purposes.

Both computers will be needing a software to allow them to connect and communicate with one another. Once connected, the host computer will display a window that displays the target computer's desktop.

Remote Access software

There are popular remote access software solutions that let you remote access to computer Windows 7. These are GotoMyPC, RealVNC, LogMeIn, and Comodo ONE Remote Access and Control.

Microsoft's Remote Desktop Connection client, which allows you to remote access to computer Windows 7, is built into Windows XP version that is more stable and rugged.

File Sharing and Remote Access

Remote access to computer Windows 7 allows access to files on other devices, computers or servers connected to the network. The privilege and rights to access specific devices and folders can be defined on business requirements.

In Comodo ONE Remote Access and Control , aside from capability of remote access to computer Windows 7, they empowers technicians and administrators to manage servers, desktops, applications and mobile devices remotely so they can solve problems more efficiently. They can review performance data and roll out patches, updates and service configurations to address issues remotely.

Benefits of Remote Access to Computer Windows 7

A remote access to computer Windows 7 is very popular service in businesses of all sizes because it gives employees the ability to work remotely while saving on IT costs. You are able to get top quality IT solutions without a high capital expense.

Remotely Working

It will be accessible through any computer if you virtualize your computer. This means, you will be able to access your desktop from anywhere because you can get to it through a web browser. This allows your staff to be productive from any location. This is one of the great feature of Windows operating system, and can be experienced if you implement remote access to computer Windows 7.

Added Security

In all businesses, security is the key to your success. You do not want a solution that puts your information at risk. When you are using a service to get a remote access to computer Windows 7, you get a team of professionals to maintain your server. They ensure that your environment is constantly updated with the latest security fixes.

Extra Savings

Investing in good quality technology is not easy on the budget. It takes a lot of money to build up a reliable tech solution that will provide helpful solutions to your business needs. This cost will be offset when you utilize a remote access to computer Windows 7. You do not have to invest in the servers or staff to maintain those servers.

Great Accessibility

One of the major benefit of remote access to computer Windows 7 is being able to connect to your data from anywhere in the world. Your data is in one place that is easy to see and you no longer have to have a software installed on your own computer.

Good Management

Every aspect of your network can be managed in real-time from one location. You can edit permissions to groups of users or pinpoint specific users. You can restrict their access so they can only see certain things on their desktop. It's a lot easier to manage the network as a whole using a remote access to computer Windows 7.

Final note

If you're looking to get up and running with remote access to computer Windows 7, approach it with a security-first mindset. You have to make sure that you are using a program like Comodo ONE Remote Access and Control that has your protection in mind, otherwise you're only opening yourself up to vulnerabilities and headaches.

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