Comprehensive Audit and Inventory

Discover and track every system and application enterprise wide from a single pane of glass at the local and global levels. Capture and manage all the details simply and reliably from the central dashboard of Comodo ONE, no matter where your devices and software are located.

Decision Support that Drives Operational Efficiency

Glean insights with the data you gather from your managed endpoints and applications--to drive greater efficiencies of scale.

IT operations run smoothly when you can see and manage every system and software program in your enterprise from a single pane of glass.

Manage Your Complete Inventory

Discover, install and audit all new systems that enter the network

Deploy system configuration templates and standards to drive consistency enterprise wide

Log any hardware, software or system changes

Receive alerts when changes are made to individual systems

Compile reports on current hardware and software statistics

Automate Audit Schedules, Customize Reports

Automate machine audit schedules and status reports. Know when the last audit was completed, the next audit is scheduled and when you did the last baseline audit. See a complete audit summary from a single dashboard so you can:

  • Identify failures by manufacturer and model
  • Review changes against your last baseline
  • Create your own custom reports
  • Specify the email notifications you want to see
  • Easily export reports to HTML, Excel or Word
Automate Baseline Audits

The baseline audit begins once the agent is installed, giving you a known configuration for every endpoint in your computer inventory.

Track hardware and software throughout your business

Know at any given time exactly what hardware is attached to each system

Version Management and Control

With a few clicks you will know which versions of individual applications are installed and where for effective software management and control.

Complete Inventory Control

Hardware Inventory - Drill down on every detail of a single computer from a single dashboard

Software Inventory - See every piece of software running on agents in your enterprise

System Inventory at-a-Glance - Create aggregated views of valuable information available on demand

Why Comodo One
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Aquaflam is based in Deerlijk, Belgium and manages and sells fire extinguishing materials and systems to government agencies, businesses and individuals across Belgium. The company started back in 1979 and ensures the proper maintenance, inspections, repairs and upgrades to key fire extinguishing and fire deterrent materials and building systems including monitoring and maintenance of emergency lighting and automatic extinguishing systems - from server rooms to kitchen facilities.

"The business around Aquaflam is built in part around our ability to service our customers remotely and ensure there is never any down time with our service calls, our maintenance, or our upgrades to customers. The Comodo One platform is a great opportunity for us as a small business to take full advantage of a free, proven, secure RMM technology that we think will help us to monitor and service our customers better."
Mr. Tim Debuf, IT Manager, Aquaflam<